Ready-To-Eat Sous Vide Steak
Purchase our signature ready-to-eat steak and enjoy a fine-dining experience at affordable prices.
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What Is Sous Vide
Sous Vide (pronounced sue-veed) was once a cooking technique exclusive only to professional chefs. Sous vide, which means ‘under vacuum’ in French, works by circulating heated water in a temperature-controlled pot. Very often, the doneness of a steak is just a mere difference of a few degrees in temperature. Cooking steaks using sous vide ensures a perfect consistency and laser precision.
Our Beef
Curated from the best farms in Australia, the lush green pastures and fresh air is what make the beef we have selected exceptionally tender and flavourful.  Placing great emphasis on sustainability and bio-security, the Australian red meat industry ensures the highest of standards at every step of the process, from paddock to plate.
The cattle is not just grass-fed, but also raised free-range for life exclusively in Tasmania. Partnering only with farmers who meet the stringent demands of the JBS Farm Assurance Program (Independent and Accredited Certification Body), you can enjoy our beef with a peace of mind.
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What People Are Saying !
Reviews from Facebook.
Just tried my seared sous vide steak today and it was tender n flavourful. Heated it up in the oven n in 15mins voila!! Edwin has been patient and obliging with my questions too!

Can’t wait to make my teriyaki steak and foie grais bowl now!

Easy to prepare. Tasty and meat is tender. Edwin is so kind and patient in his explanation. Will be back for more… 👍🏻
Knowledgeable staff
Pei Ling
Bought the ready to eat non-seared sirloin and ribeye..Meat was tender n juicy after pan seared, recommended..

Hi Edwin, thanks for the speedy deliver and recommendation. The sirloin steak is fresh tender and juicy. Is so yummy that my boy loves it so much.👍


Edwin was really sweet to be giving us some not for sale sauces for us to try. He is really conscious about punctuality as well. Will definitely get more steaks from him during our next party.

The steaks were really juicy and tender despite us storing it in the freezer after 2 days. My wife was surprised as normally it will be tough and rubbery when we get it from other places. Kudos to this young chap.