Handling & Cooking Your Steak

A) How To Store Beef

Fresh beef (steaks) can be stored in the freezer between 3 to 4 months, under the ideal temperature of -18 to -15. However, for cooked (sous vide) beef, the maximum time frame that you can keep them in the freezer is 1 month.

The reason why cooked beef life span is shorter in a freezer is because ingredients used such as garlic or onion in steaks, oxidise over time in the freezer, which is known as flavour tainting.

This will not only ensure that your beef is safe to be consumed, but also at its best flavour.

B) How To Defrost Raw Steaks

In The Fridge. First and foremost, if you are only using a cling wrap (not recommended), ensure that you place the steaks separately, as condensation will cause all of them to stick together, which is disastrous. The best way is to vacuum pack them individually.

The ideal way to defrost the steaks is to place them in the bottom shelf of your chiller for 12 hours or overnight. This will ensure your steaks retain their moisture and juices!

In The Microwave. Most modern microwaves have a pre-programmed ‘defrost’ setting. Just ensure that steak is not sitting in an excess amount of liquid. And use microwave safe containers.

C) Refreezing Defrosted Steaks

Although there are videos online that experiment with this,  I personally do not recommend it. Steaks contain lots of water. Tiny ice crystals can rupture the meat fibre, causing it to leach water while defrosting. Besides being potentially unsafe, the steaks will dry out if refreezing happens repeatedly.

It is best to cook all defrosted steaks before refreezing.

D) How To Reheat Steak In Microwave

If you wish to reheat it before consumption, it is best to sprinkle with water or stock to keep it moist. This is very important in ensuring that the steak doesn’t dry out.

Cover it with a microwave safe lid, and turn on medium setting for 30 seconds, flip it on the other side, and reheat for another 30 seconds.

The timing varies with the thickness of the cut, so it is best to reheat it for a shorter timing, and if you find that it is not warm enough, you can always repeat the process.

E) How To Reheat Steak In Oven

The rule here is pretty simple. Make sure the temperature of the oven is never higher than the internal temperature of the doneness that you are going for. As a guide, the internal temperature of a medium rare steak should not exceed 110 or 43.

Place steak on a rack on top of the baking tray to ensure even reheating on both sides. Preheat the oven (very important!) to desired temperature, and 15 to 20 minutes inside the oven should do the trick.