About Our Beef

100% Grass-fed Australian Beef

Our beef are carefully curated from the best farms in Australia and represent the epitome of how good grass-fed beef can taste. In particular, our premium range has a minimum marble score of four (AusMeat standard) which is considered by most to be near impossible to achieve based on an all-natural grass fed diet. Lush green pastures and fresh air are what makes the beef exceptionally tender and flavourful despite being grass-fed.

The cattle are raised in southern Australia by accredited farmers and independently audited by a third party to meet stringent standards including not using growth hormones and antibiotics. Through the JBS Farm Assurance Program, you will be pleased to know that the producers meet a high standard of animal welfare, social responsibility, environmental-friendliness, and workplace health and safety to make farming practices more sustainable.

By choosing  grass-fed beef from Edwin’s Grocer, you are not only choosing a premium quality beef for you and your family, at the same time, you are doing the right thing for the cattle and the environment.